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Aquatic Techlevels.

An under water industrial revolution one eel at a time.
By Wesley Bruce

Many science fiction writers can not imagine how an aquatic alien race could develop technology so in many cases the underwater race is either primitive or fanatically advanced with unexplained and unexplainable technology. In Traveller the several aquatic races are described as primitive, eg. The Schalli of Aubaine [Vras](0738/Aubaine/Old Expanses ) were primitive until humans gave them technology. A second example is the Githiaskio of Githiaski (0806 Githiaski/Dartho) These were described by Phil Masters in 'the Journal of the Travellers Aid Society.' (No.16 pp 12 - 14,27 ) as having "developed several distinct, complex cultures at around tech level 1-2 but lacking metals except for an occasional nearly pure lump which could be worked into something useful or decorative." With due respect to these authors they have uniformly associated metallurgy with fire and assuming fire is impossible, they have then assumed that metal refining is impossible. It is in fact possible to have a technology based society at TL 6 or 7 (WW2- modern) where fire in not yet a useful tool. See below.

The table below assumes the species has no manipulators and can not walk on land, ie. a Dolphin or fish. The first tool required is a pair of mouth tongs for manipulating things; these become automatic Grippers and then mechanical hands at higher tech levels. Using a variant of the Traveller RPG technology level system With some Gurps high technology and ultra-technology gadgets.
If the race has hands or other manipulators, i.e. an Otter, then progress is easier if not faster. If it can move on land easily the land carts are only used for long expeditions.

1. Mouth tongs [A pair of tongs that is held in the mouth and is opened and closed with the tongue ] Hammer-stone, Fish traps and free stone break walls in shallows. Pokers and daggers made from sharp coral, shell and bone. Naked eye study of Astronomy and land vegetation. Trained land crab sent to retrieve small coastal vegetation items.

2. Raw hide skin. Woven seaweeds. Sculpting of living coral by feeding, covering & abrading.
Bagtube: a streamlined woven basket/bag that has a loop on each end to allow it to be towed. Seagrass rope lines. Oscillating lines as a power transmission system. Oscillating wave and current mills. Drop hammer. Diamond headed bow drills. Assembly frame and jigs [A set of mounted spring loaded grippers used for assembling complex items]. Pipette and short coral/shell pipes. Oil sack. [Oil filled bladder or fish gut tube that allows chemicals to be mixed in a bubble within the oil. The oil keeps the sea water out]. Spears made from sculpted coral, drift wood and sea side trees.

3. The breeding of seaweeds, seagrasses, coral, fishes and molluscs. Dry bells air filled bells over a working surface or gripers. The bell allows the dry working of materials. Gold Crafting with small drop hammers in dry bells. Clay sealed coral tubes. Early cements and grouts dried on drying rafts or poles. Clockwork powered general gripper and special propose mouth tools. Weapon harness allows spear-guns and lances to be used with the mouth free. Early hydraulic and pneumatic tools with rigid pipes. The periscope to aid the study of things above water level.  Wave powered surface vessels. Sailing vessels with submerged hulls and exposed rigging. Acclamation to fresh water: Exploration up rivers.
The first studies of electric eels, rays, etc lead to animal powered capacitors and electric arcs.

4. Industrial dry box with mechanical tele-operated arms, lathes and drills (an advance from the drybell with periscopes and multi-function grippers). Chemical dry box with scoops and stirrers for manufacturing compounds in the absence of sea water. Rubber like extracts from sea weeds. Flexible hydraulic and pneumatic lines. Spear guns. Rotary Wave and current mills. First experimental batteries. Electrodeposition of calcium carbonates produce first large structures. Canal building with locks in low lands and estuaries.

5. Age of electrolysis. The Key industrial technology. Insulated Wire & big battery arrays. Electroplating, Hydrogen, Oxygen cutting and welding, Direct reduction of ores using hydrogen and carbon. Glass, Steel, Copper, Aluminium, Electric servo's & solenoids. Iron is not of much use due to rust except in alkali iron batteries.
Wheeled carts drawn by large amphibious animals used to explore land and shallows.

6. Electric motors. Gun Engines [Explosive charge powered compressors driving pneumatic systems]. Electric and Gun Engine  powered boats, submarines, Bathy-crawlers & landcarts. Hydrogen powered Airships. Full range basic of chemicals produced in dry boxes including Ammonia, Nitrates, Acids and Alkalies. Cellulose based polymers produced: Bakelite, cellophane & Nylon. Explosive torpedo and spear head.
Hyper oxygenated recovery tank [This quarters recovery time for external injuries].

7. Titanium and concrete. Electronics: Sonar, Radar & Radio. Microhydraulic circuitry [Fluidics] Early sonic weapons. Coast and mangrove farming. Solar, wind, or methane powered bathy pumps lift nutrient rich deep sea water to the surface as fertiliser.  First permanent land based structures: Pool houses.
Hydrogen powered Boats, Land Trains, and Seaplanes. Oceanic noise pollution crisis.

8. Oil discovered: plastics, petrol and Diesel. Large ships ply the seas. Nuclear isotopes discovered and nuclear lights developed [isotopes and phosphorous sealed in a glass clad aerogel. One such light lasts for a decade without significant fading.]
Touch feed back systems for robotic limbs, vibration based.
{In Traveller true Antigravity is TL 8}

9. Cold Fusion experiments linked to electrolytic deuterium experiments. First fission reactors. Genetics.
Sea launch space craft. Full lifesupport technology. Microelectronics. Optic fibres. Hovercraft. Personal wheeled landcarts. Shower suit to keep the user wet on dry land.
Smart robotic limbs. Bionics: Nerve impulse controller for vehicles and robot limbs. Powered speargun with autoloader. {Early Traveller Jump drive is TL 9.}

10. Cheap legged personal land 'carts'. Flexibody drive train. Fusion vehicles. Early stardrive {non traveller} Fully functional Robotics. Long range Encrypted Digital Acoustic communication.  Early work on gravity ripple {or Meson} communicators. Sonar Blinder grenades (micro torpedoes.)

11. Radio-wave based submarine power transmission system, Ultra Low Frequency. Tractor Beams. Flow Ways: Tractor beam driven artificial currents.
Smart Gels [Bioplastic] Cheap gravity ripple {or Meson} communicators. Implantable robotics controller [interface jack]

12. Antigravity. Hydrostatic force fields [Surface tension increased 1000 fold, water/air interface only]
Tractor beams that work in air. Elemental Teleportation & Disintegrators [Objects are destroyed by teleportation but elements can be teleported intact arriving as a pure element sample stream].

13. Force Fields, Shape changing Bioplastic walkers, landcarts and limbs, Nano technology medicine. Technologically achieved telepathy [implanted cellphones with direct brain interface.]

14. 'Elemental' or Robotic water [Nanoswarm with force field  and sensor capability.] Force field and antigravity limpet. [Personal force field and the ability to fly with little apparent technology]. Regeneration Globe. Slave Dart [Dominator nanoswarm.] Implant limbs (retractable),

15. Force field and antigravity implants. Full teleportation ( traveller teleportals) Teleguns.
Techno Telekinesis: Virtual Matter Limbs. [A configuration of tractor beams and force fields with the appearance of invisible mind controlled limbs].

Your Fishy stories will never be the same again.

Don't ask me how they evolved I'm a creationist.

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Q anon's intermittent silence.

Why does Q on the Q anon forum (on 8 chan) stop posting for a few weeks. People aware of Q tend to worry. There was a two week hiatus at the end of last month. It ended at the beginning of November. Q posted half dozen posts.
Q posts now serve Four functions.
1. Rally the crowd; if twitter and Fox News is doing it OK Q goes quiet.
2. Diplomacy. If delicate negotiations are happening, Q goes quiet. All foreign minister's are watching Q.
3. Error. If the Q board gets off track, Q comes up to get them back on track.
4. Fake Q. If false statements about Q are made, Q posts to debunk them.  Q [and Trump] are being sued by someone this week on spurious grounds. So HE responded.

Q had a 5th function: intelligence communications while they were fighting for control of the three letter agencies: FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, a few others. They are now secured so that function is over. However when Trump came into office members of the Obama administration were still very much in control. The command and control structure still had people that were willing to act for Brennan, McCabe, Clinton, etc. They still had security clearances and probably passwords.
When a command structure is compromised you have to go outside the structure and contact people by other means. The chain of command is useless. You don't know who it on your side; you're only guessing. A lot of people got a weekend knock on the door from people Trump, and they, could trust. The Q site had a function contacting some that could not be found in suburban Virginia or Maryland.

So silence from Q does not indicate a problem it just means that things are on track.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Jamal Khashoggi alive and well?

The Jamal Khashoggi story is getting very interesting. Jamal Khashoggi is a left wing Saudi reporter working for the wall st Journal and Washington post but several sources have him down as a Saudi intelligence agent with current Muslim Brotherhood connections and past connections with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Khashoggi is the nephew of late, high-profile Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.
He also has close association with people in Turkey that are AKP the ruling proto-dictatorship there. These people are also suspected of supplying ISIS with arms. Jamal Khashoggi is a vocal opponent of the new government in Saudi Arabia put in place there in a Palace coup that was completed followed a helicopter crash that took out the military strong man in the royal family's islamist wing, Prince Mansour Bin Muqrin. The non islamist wing took full control detaining the rest. Prince Mohammad bin Salman became crown prince in June but had no power until becoming First Deputy Prime Minister late last year. That is the position that really controls the country not the throne. The King has Alzheimers disease.
Khashoggi has been critical of both Prince Salman's reforms and the arrests of both islamist supporters and people that were close to Hillary Clinton and Obama. Tese people that were arrested are an overlapping group; hence the claims that Hillary was funding ISIS. These people, all close friends of Khashoggi, were reportedly paying both ISIS and the Clinton foundation. And they were not using their own money but money designated for infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. (or all least that was the cover for the state funds allocation.) There are reports that Trump and Pompeo, then at the CIA, helped with the palace coup in early November.
Jamal Khashoggi had fled to Turkey. With Trump in the US and Prince Salman in Saudi Arabia neither country was safe. Khashoggi had in the process divorced a wife in Saudi Arabia. He was marring his fiancée, Hatice Cengiz, a Turkish citizen to get Turkish citizenship. He had to get divorce papers so went into Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018. He never came out or so it seems.
From the media reports, mostly Turkish and clearly with AKP and Turkish police as the primary sources we know at the very least he was detained. He had left his I phone with his fiance and turned audio on his Apple watch making it into a 'bug'. In the Consul General's office he was probably read an arrest warrant. He was heard screaming and then according to the Turkish police he was drugged. The rest is speculation that the Turkish police have derived from sounds heard. [Apple watch experts are disputing the claim that the watch would have worked as a bug over any distance. If true then the building itself was bugged and the Saudis now know it. ]
I think that this is where the story gets interesting. Up until this point this is a rather standard arrest of a criminal or dissident that has gone to an embassy. It's actually not that rare. If the country is a neutral or an ally the result is a car ride to the airport, all visa's having been negated by the arrest warrant. The arrest is on Saudi jurisdiction so is legal. However Turkey is not an ally of the new Saudi government. Its an ally of Khashoggi and the overthrown Saudi government. So they have to smuggle him out. I'm only speculating here but I think the Saudis knew this and arranged to get him out alive and succeeded.
Anticipating challenges the Saudis look like they used an old espionage trick of sending two teams. One covert and one overt team. The 15 man conspicuous team tied up the Turkish intelligence people while the other team put him in the back seat of a car and drove off quietly. He is probably in a Saudi jail. Very unhappy but quite alive.
The Turks however have concluded that he was murdered. They think that the Saudis drugged him, cut him up and disposed of the parts. This may be projection; how the Turks would have done it. Don't go to a Turkish embassy. Kurd's already know that.
I think the Saudis have begun playing along. Thinking they killed and cut up the body puts the fear of god [not Allah] into the new Saudi governments enemies. It also creates the perfect way to take down all the media entities in Turkey, the middle east and the west that have run with this. If this reaches the UN, and it looks like it might, it creates the perfect way to destroy the reputations of the new governments opponents globally.
All they need to do is produce Jamal Khashoggi alive and well, and on legitimate charges. Why not produce him now? The answer is that the Turks are sending in a forensics team this week. If they find evidence of a murder that is later proven to have not occurred the Turkush police, the AKP and the Recep Tayyip Erdo?an government may fall and that is something both Prince Sulman, Trump and NATO would be happy with. At the very least leaving it another week ropes in all of the global left media.
Trump, Foxnews, PJmedia and breitbart are all being cautious.
If I'm wrong I'm wrong. If khashoggi shows up alive then enjoy the greatest psychological operation in history.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Socialism in a nut shell

Socialism in a nut shell.

Marxism assumes a zero sum pool of wealth and resources which means that in order for one to have more others must have less. While Marx argued with Malthus on detail they agree in effect on finite pools of resources and thus wealth. Hence war for land, resources, unskilled labour and power all of which are seen as raw resources. Hence the famines. Hence green socialists limits to growth and overpopulation arguments. 

The capitalist idea that an entrepreneur can turn a non resource into a resource is rejected by them. The fundamental underlying misunderstanding of Socialists is this limited sum theory of economics. 

Their secondary error is that capital does not decline over time. This is the other thing the capitalist is doing. This is what his unspent wealth is really set aside for. The gold, the bank, the yacht, and Lear jet are just placeholders. Wealth you can move easily in the latter two cases. 

Socialists seize and deplete depreciation funds, rainy day funds, insurances, and investment reserves. This leads to systems failing for lack of provisional and maintenance funds.The oil rigs in Venezuela seize up, the railways in the USSR rust and Californian roads crumble.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Success for Korean liberty at Singapore.

Success for Korean liberty at Singapore.

Most think this is a start but I believe this is actually a conclusion of process. The rumours coming from Q anon are that Kim was not in control of his country. He was a figure head puppet for the masses but not the ruler. When his Uncles and security people bowed he bowed too and did not rise till they rose. See this video.
Kim's not in control; the uncle was. Then the uncle is killed and Kim in much more control but is unsure of himself. His political minders are still setting policy. They and their western allies are still trying to make North Korean communism work. Trying to avoid their version of Nuremberg.
Then something happens. According to the Q anon public intelligence channel the White House is running on 8Chan, the state security apparatus were still in control. Q asked
" Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 5902e7 No.146454 Dec 22 2017 01:26:25 (EST) >>146326
What do Clowns do w/ the access codes and tech?
Who controls NK?
Who really controls NK?
Q "
Q is probably a navy cyber warfare officer in charge of the project; Q+ is the White House; 5.10.20 on the Q account is Trump posting. Clowns is slang for intelligence agencies. 
This indicated that someone in the White House understood for the first time that freeing up Kim could free North Korea. The post is 22nd December 2017.
The west has been making the same fundamental mistakes. They are assuming that child that inherits a dictatorship is a dictator. In reality the child of the dictator is more of a prisoner than someone in a gulag. His personal security detachment is also an able jailer. The child could be an anti-communist or they could be completely ignorant of the free would. We might never know unless we look carefully. The left makes this mistake intentionally while the right makes this mistake out of anger.
Does the child inherit the crimes of the parent and nation? Not in western law. Does a citizen born into a nation inherit the crimes of the nation done before the child could act? Not in Western law. We have no confirmation of Kim Jong Un ordering any unjust action.
There is a good chance that Kim was the parody of a dictator not by mistake but by intention. Later in the above video you see the same over the top "I'm in charge" behaviour. It's all choreographed and has to get boring for the leader fast.
In the apartment part of the above video you see the problem this creates. 5.50 The people are having a hard time relaxing around him. He's really a nice guy but people are terrified. One wrong move and the security people that are really in charge could send you to the gulag or worse.
Later video's from Bombard's site show Kim freed: Now he is interacting with the Chinese and westerners. They do not bow or Fawn and he likes it. Its new, Its real. Its liberating. He wants more.
What can free him fully. Firstly the idea that the west does not punish the children of dictators. Secondly the realisation that the west is not out to wipe out his people but could.
Trump's people, particularly Pompeo, engaged. They may have taken out the remaining communist security personnel or found a way to contact him and bypass them. Kim can understand some english. He has made the effort to learn. That helps.
Q signals that Kim and Trump have already met covertly in North Korea. You have to fly around NK to get from Tokyo to Seoul. If you don't there is a convenient air field and about half an hour to use. Trump has published a picture taken from Air Force 1 low over that airfield. That is one hell of a risk if he took it but if he took it and Kim was receptive that is amazing. A skype meeting is more likely.
The Olympics was one of a series of tests to see if Kim was really free enough to do what was needed. Kim's meetings with Mike Pompeo. The hostage release. At the hostage release most do not know that there were two stair cars brought up to the plane. I watched live. While an air force officer knocked on the front door, left side of the plane and Trump waited a dozen or more people came down the other stairs. They entered a vehicle and were whisked away in secret. Why do they want to take a dozen or more other people off the plane first in total secrecy? Who were they? Why did Trump say "All the hostages were rescued."
My hunch is that Kim got at risk members of his family out of the country before proceeding further. Removing any remaining potential people that can be used against Kim Jong Un. ProKim government staff went to the USA on those to planes to organise the treaty. 
Now he is free to negotiate far more than mere nuclear disarmament. The Singapore meeting is going very well. Pens & pads are on a table for a signing as I write.The document is now signed. Seemingly short but many pages behind it. 
We shall see. Which is easer? Denuclearisation or decommunisation? An end to the socialism, gulags and poverty? Something much harder than peace. I'm expecting big things.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Taking down the deep state from the inside.

Taking down the deep state from the inside.

How do you find left wing people planted in key places in the government after the change to an unexpected President? Only a few of us thought Trump would win. Dozens of left wing people had been promoted though the ranks FBI, CIA, NSA. Some manoeuvred into position in the tail end of the Bush years and more all though Obama's administration. We now know they tried to spy on the Republican candidates as early as March. (Some of us now know that someone was counter surveilling them when they did these things.) All though Obama's 8 years people who were on watch lists in Australia, Britain and other countries showed up in the White House and State Dept as staff not just visitors.
When Trump entered the White House it was quickly clear that the building was bugged and that entrenched bureaucrats were openly fighting him. He retreated to Mar-a-lago and other Trump properties to do the job. All the wiring was ripped out of the White House fixing the bug problem. Trump got rid of the obvious Muslim brotherhood staff in the state department but how to sought out the rest?
Enter Q. Q is someone that set up on 4Chan, an anonymous chat site and began working in October 2017. He posted a mix of patriotic stuff, cryptographic messages, and questions. Q indicated he was Navy intelligence with the highest clearance working in the White House with President Trumps permission. People responded to the crypto codes. I served in the Australian army signaler; some of the codes had familiar structure. I don't know what the codes meant but the format was recognizable.
He was bypassing the corrupted chain of command. Following a well know method for doing so that goes back to WW2. Why 4Chan? Because that is where the Anonymous Hackers hang out, that is where Wikileaks people hang out. As a result every intelligence organisation monitors it. He was contacting patriots in the command structures. Why did he not end up contacting the deep state people in the command structures. Very few of the leftists were trying to catch the Anonymous hackers or Julian Assange's people. They weren't Russian hackers were they? The DNC connected deep state people knew there were no hackers in the DNC just the whistle blower, Seth Rich so they were not following 4Chan closely.
The orders he gave were in the form of questions. Directions to people to do targeted research. The opposition could not block that. They could only watch. It was like the BBC sending clear nonsense phases in french to the free french partisans in WW2.
Who were the targets? The major anti-trump people in FBI, NSA, CIA, media, left wing activist funding. Most here could list them from past writings about who put together the worlds banking cartels, the MSM, left wing NGO's, universities. etc.
Q asked Four types of questions. Who really controls X? Who are the wives and husbands? Who are the networks, clubs and societies? Who are the Four major families that fund and coordinate the left wing deep state? He says one fell before the election. (I have no idea who the one that fell was; which major left-wing funding source fell before the election? The Clinton Foundation was still active at that point. Some think it was the Bushes. I'm sceptical)
The other three were the Saudis, the Rothchilds, Soros. An Islamist oil monarchy, a left wing banking family, a left wing investment tycoon. All three fund left wing causes world wide including Hillary Clinton's political activity and her foundation. They also influence others to donate.
Q focused in on each one. Within days we had a palace coup in Saudi Arabia and a change of Crown Prince; Material on the Rothchilds occult dabbling came out, connections to Jeffrey Epstein and there were fatalities among Rothchilds staff. (I don't think Q is calling hits on people, he is identifying people to subpoena. They knew too much & someone else eliminated them. ); Hungary gets enough evidence to go after Soros and freeze a lot of his European accounts and closing down his Hungarian operation. There is a big child trafficking component implied in all three. Young girls for Saudi Princes, Epstein, Nxvim cult, Soros funded gangs. Trump has signed a law that freezes the funds of child traffickers and suddenly some interesting people are travelling economy or not at all.
In April Q predicts that May would be a bad month for the Pope. It is, with two sex scandals, public heretical statements from him and an open challenge to him from a majority of conservative cardinals. There are books and movies coming out about homosexuality among the priests in general and the Vatican elite. The Roman Catholic left is not broken but its taking fire.
Q also asked a key question. Who is in control of North Korea? Who is really in control of North Korea? He has asked it about several countries including Australia. After asking about NK people posted information about people on the left that are regular visitors to North Korea including key people from google and other silicon valley company's. Pictures of the luxury hotels they stay in. Even before the first talk of denuclearisation Q says that North Korea has been freed and people would not believe who the real power behind the throne was.
Suddenly Kim and Trump are acting differently. It implies that Kim Jong Nam's murder was done to keep Kim Jong Un in line. Someone, besides me, guessed it and found a way to “free the hostages.” They passed the information to Trump and Pompeo who acted. Kin Jong Un is now smiling and hugging people. Q indicates that Trump and Kim have already met and talked and the current manoeuvrings are mainly to keep remaining communists on both sides confused. To stop Kim being assassinated.
This is not just about peace, denuclearisation or reunification. Without threats from rogue state like North Korea what can happen? When Trump welcomed the hostages back from NK, who got off the other side of the plane before Trump went up the front set of stairs? Why was the air force officer knocking on the door to the plane unanswered? Distract the cameras. A large number of extra people got off the other side of the plane while the cameras were focused on the air force officer at the near side door. 
Next is Iran and apparently the key there is Armenia. How do people get to and from Iran undetected without much fuss? Yerevan to Tehran is 1h 30min by air. Why was the sudden change of Armenian leadership not predicted by anyone? With the sanctions on Iran again how long can the regime keep the people down? What tools do the people in Iran need to liberate themselves? Armenia may also hold the keys to winning the Russian people support without the autocracy of Putin. 
Eventually 4chan was hacked and 8chan was created to replace it. Several times people challenged Q to prove he is working for Trump. Q uses the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland and a code word Wendy both of which appeared in Trumps tweets hours latter. Trump said in one tweet Wendy wasserman schultz (google it) the tweet was corrected but the error was intentional! On April 2 someone asked Q to ask Trump to say Tippy top. Hours later Trump speaks at the White House egg roll standing beside the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and says tippy top with extra emphasis. The MSM went bananas “Trumps got the wrong rabbit!” No he didn't. 
Watch the rabbit's ear when he says it. He knows whats up.
Q is quiet now indicating with his last few posts that the FBI, NSA, CIA, are now secured. Dozens fired, resigned and some facing charges. DOJ will be next but there is a timer on when someones eligibility runs out, 11th next month perhaps, and that person will have to step aside. He was a temporary Obama appointee and can't be fired but automatically gets sidelined on that date.
Q was expecting a shorter harder fight. He is still expecting assassination attempts but everyone is well guarded. He implies that Air combat in US airspace has already been attempted and failed. How do you hide a crashed fighter jet in plain sight? Report a trainer accident. Trump or someone connected to him was supposed to be at or near the harvest festival concert in Vegas when it was attacked. MS 13 were the deep states main expendable attack dogs. Seth Rich, Officer Miosotis Familia, and one other unnamed officer were assassinated by MS 13 working for someone on the left. The latter two has seen key evidence on people connected to Jeffery Epstein. Jeff sessions has had MS 13 people rounded up, removing the threat. The Jeffery Epstein material is being released to the legal community so they can find other cases.
Apparently the Clinton/ Obama team never expected to lose the White House so they got stuck with No secure communications afterwards. That makes ordering people around harder. They attempted to fix the problem in several ways but they were countered at each step.
Q has riled some anarchists because he is reforming the FBI, NSA, CIA, etc not scrapping them totally but that's to be expected. Conservatism verses anarchism. Q is also in a fight with Alex Jones. Jones supported Q and publicised him but then rejected where Q was going. I suspect Q did not confirm his pet conspiracy theories and there's a bit of the anarchist in Jones. (However that may be a ruse to get Jones out of someones cross-hairs.)
Q and Trump are not CFR A or B and that riles and confuses a lot of people. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan member organisation, think tank, and publisher. Or so it says on their web sites. In reality its also the international diplomats union, the globalists teaching institution, the deep states divided leadership and it runs a secure dating system for diplomats! It's split into two factions (A & B/ left & right) but generally Presidents and Prime Ministers and particularly Foreign Ministers are meant to be CFR members. Only a few exceptions ever existed.
Many simply don't get Trumps act and distract tactics and don't understand why that process works.
The best Q anon summery site is here. The blue numbers link to the main forums. I have a few questions to Q there but am not expecting a response. Note it took me several weeks to work though the Q posts and links. Study several dozen video's on it and discussed a few points on YouTube and twitter with others.
A site with a searchable version in here. It also includes Trumps tweets for cross referencing. 
While I generally consider most conspiracy theory's to be rubbish this one looks like the real deal. 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Qanon for busy people.

Qanon for busy people.
Q is an account on 8chan an anonymous chat site. Q claims to be a Q level intelligence officer with White House authorization to post on the site.
 Sensitivity Level 3 or 4. Q is DoE terminology but everyone uses it now. At one point he posts what may be a security Authorization code: auth478-24zgP
He/they is posting hints, clues, questions, riddles, photo's and links. He predict events a day or so ahead sometimes. He quotes Trump and Trump has made intentional mistakes in tweets that confirm that Q is real and authorized. Q talks about wendy with Obama in posts. Then Trump posts a tweet including 'wendy wasserman schultz' and corrects a few hours latter.

That was not a mistake it was a message. Wendy has meaning behind the scenes. Girl running with the gang. (Possibly second generation girls on the left who know nothing else. My opinion.)

In effect this is a controlled leak system to debunk and negate the made up leaks in the main stream media. This is the stuff they can't put on twitter.  Q has used " we " on a few occasion indicating its a team.

The White House needs to activate millennials and the conspiracy fans. They need to get libertarians on side. They can't do that with Fox news, breitbart or c-span. Millennials don't do those things they are on sites like 4chan, 8chan etc that is where Trump has sent someone to work. A ranking intelligence officer no less. He is building a network of thousands of volunteers working on finding the linkages, identifying deep state actors, and creating memes, YouTube, and other social media. It gets the conspiracy theory minded millennials aimed in the right direction. It's a psychological warfare operation aimed at the heart of the deep state. Designed to demoralize them.

He is also implying that there have been several false flag operations foiled recently with clues about the NY subway bombing. Hints before hand that something was about to happen connected to Bangladesh. The injured suicide bomber was Bangladeshi. It indicates that they knew who but not where yet had enough to stop the guy.

Also he gave hints before hand of the Hawaii events with assurances afterwards that the Patriots in the intelligence and military are on top of the false flag cases now. 

He has established the inside terms wizards and warlocks. Both are intell/military with the wizards being the good guys and the warlocks being bad.
{I stand corrected the warlocks are good guys too. Possibly Navy intelligence. }
He is also indicating that military intelligence is now investigating the FBI, NSA and CIA elite for illegal activities. Ouch!

Early on some of his messages were cryptic designed to contact patriots in those agencies without tipping off the corrupt ones. A bit like the nonsensical messages broadcast into France before D-Day to inform and direct the French resistance.

He is also indicating that Australia and New Zealand are involved. Hopefully on both sides.  Hillary Clinton is Hiding out in New Zealand and Australia this month, May 2018.

The White House is not only using wikileaks now but using their tactics to go around the barriers: the MSM and silicon valley leftist controlled social media. You can't make this stuff up!

Here are the Q post at source.
with discussion in the link below there are a lot of nuts and trolls on qresearch.

That's hard to navigate. The best list of posts is here: and for older ones.

This week he posted a piece of blank White house stationary, the Presidents pen and leather document binder. All taken from the Presidents point of view.

People have created side by side meme showing the confirmation posts. One of these proof images.