Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Detriot wont Recover

Raphial Morgado, angel labs, has made a design break through with the toroidal engine. His design perfects the timing for this combustion chamber design. The Main stream car industry has ignored him. They either disbelieve him or can't implement the technology because of government red tape.
There are clauses in the various bail-outs and earlier laws designed to protect oil, steel and the many parts manufacturers in the existing industry. The massive yet tiny engine disrupts that by using less fuel, steel and far fewer parts to do the same job.

The MYT toroidal engine has a massive displacement, very long dwell time at (the equivalent of) Top Dead Center in a very small volume and mass with a power to weight ratio greater than Jet engines. Its biofuel compatible, burns diesel cleaner than most engines and would in a car be as small as the cars alternator.
See these youtube movies:
SJSU Part 11: Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Demo (1) by Raphial Morgado

SJSU Part 12: Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Demo (2) by Raphial Morgado

SJSU Part 13: Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Demo (3) by Raphial Morgado

SJSU Part 14: Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Demo (4) by Raphial Morgado

SJSU Part 15: Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) Demo (5) by Raphial Morgado

His plan is to make and sell to the retrofit market on second hand cars. This power-plant in the engine bay of most cars would leave a huge empty space under the bonnet. He give good business advice in these video's. I believe the MYT engine is so compact and light that it makes super hybrids, 300 km/L equivalent possible. A MYT engine with 80 km of compressed air or batteries sould be possible as a retrofit. Where greenhouse matters, cars with carbon capture possible as well. Biofuel finishing plants in a vehicle also become an option. It opens many doors.

The power to weigh ratio is so high it will revolutionize aerospace as well. As Mr Morgado says 'Elephants and brick houses will fly'. It makes jet packs, air-cars and super light airliners possible. The power to weight is that high. The defense implications are huge, Flying tanks are not out of the question; we already have the armour. The thing holding up cheap battle field robotics is compact power systems too.
However while Raphial Morgado is not a pacifist he wants to do cars first. If the west gets off oil the conflicts in the middle-east change radically. They wont end but the enemy will be broke.

The only catch is that very strong mechanical components are needed because there's so much power in such a small volume. This in part drives the markets disbelief. However the metallurgy is available at the required strength.

The US car makers have missed the boat. The future is out of their hands. If the MYT deploys as a drop in retrofit you will see big problems for the old industry. They will be left making body work and fancy suspension. Many others can do that too. The motor is the key to the car industry.
Expect the MYT to show up on the web as a mail order kit before the end of the recession.

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