Friday, May 10, 2013

Making libertarianism work.

Twenty things needed to make libertarianism actually work.

  1. The full implementation of bitcoin including its distributed contracts system. This makes it impossible to steal and spend bitcoins. It can insure and arbitrate bitcoins and gold coin. Crypto-currency based contracts are proactive - breaching actions rendered impossible or either side can drop out with minimal loss upon counterparty breach. It lowers "transaction costs". 
  1. Provision for ripple based gold coin currencies interfaced into bitcoin at floating public exchange rates. In shop gold price and testing technologies. 
  2. The creation of computer chip sets for houses, cars and a few other items that support Smart Property. Where bitcoin transaction mediate access, rental, collateral control, and deeds. (Part of 1.)

  3. Buffer Escrowed bitcoin gadgets with touch to do transaction that work in remote locations with out long range communications. Several bitcoin wallet suppliers are working on that. 
  4. Server Sky implementation of orbiting swarm micro satellites that provide ubiquitous communications and computing world wide. Funded by user fees and crowdfunding.  

  5. A wide range of localised crowdfunding sites to fund Public Goods including: roads, communications, medical, educational, emergency, environment, policing, legal, defence and foreign affairs services. My post on that.

  6. A wide range of crowdfunding sites to create trust funds for people with disabilities and other genuine welfare cases. Crowdfunds for distribution to top-up private provisions where emergency shortfalls occur.

  7. Crowdfunding of cost effective anti-ageing treatments to reduce aged care needs and cost to near zero. Ending ageing not aged care. Ending dementia.

  8. Crowdfunded cures for the brain damage and other adverse medical effects of all psychoactive drugs and alcohol so that there is no damage or addiction from such Euphoria inducing agents. Make safe then legalise.

  9. Freemarket web education tools that allow children to self educate with the help of parents and web mentors. (90% done)

  10. Child friendly work places and work practices so parents can work while raising and educating the children. So family and work don't clash. This will also help eliminate the demographic problems that have arisen as a consequence of low birth rates. Population limits are not a problem we are already growing plants on the international space station, in deserts and can crowd fund habitat. We may have passed peak Arable land demand. 

  11. Robotic cars so drunk driving is almost impossible and is far less likely to do harm.

  12. Crowdfunding for major disease controls including Sexually transmitted diseases. Its possible to crowdfund the competing enforcement of medical and food regulations in the old sense of that word: standardisation and quality control. Because both the producer and the consumer can contribute to the funds there is no regulatory capture or impossible demands. 

  13. Basic research identifying the victims of so called victimless crimes and educating people about those effects. Basic moral education emphasising the medical consequences of immorality and why most societies ban: Adultery, Paedophilia, Incest, Sadomasochism, Homosexuality, open and polygamous marriages. Sex education that does not amount to advertising of these things. Immorality can be seen by libertarians as a form of non monetary fraud where something unsafe is advertised as safe.

  14. Live embryo transplant. The technology of artificial wombs that allow a baby to be removed from a woman that refuses to be a mother and transferred to adopting parents. 

  15. Non lethal weapons that are effective at long range and are free for all to use. Biometric safety systems, 'gun' cameras and tamper proof data transfer to prevent abuse. Open carry of such weapons. 

  16. Cheap ubiquitous personal bomb detectors and cheap personal body armour. Cheap silk armour, bacteria engineered to make silk, is now available. Some crowdfunded defence and intelligence research.

  17. Jury law with jury nullification, jury independence of the judge and no dismissal of a case without the jury consent. So the judge is just a referee and can't override a jury or a constitution.

  18. Travel insurance providers that also provide legal and political protection while in foreign legal zones with the option for armed rescue in the most extreme of cases. [i.e. Private ambassadorial aid and foreign affairs. ]

  19. A bonded sponsorship immigration policy so that people are free to enter but can not unduly burden native welfare and law. Defence against terrorism is crowd funded as in 6 and via private security at key points.

    While some libertarians may have trouble grasping some points: 14 and 15 and other groups may be concerned at 6, 9, 19 and 20 all things are covered. Responsibility individually and collectivity via the crowd can step up.  

    The basic take-home is that new tools are available to fund Public Goods, what government claims to do with your money, without using taxes while also making some crimes, laws and red tape obsolete with embedded cryptological security and other innovations. 
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