Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Never telegraph the revolution.

 Several people on the left in the USA have been calling for the military to march Trump out of office when he looses in November. Besides the fact that it would be illegal, there is the simple fact that he will win. Trump is polling better than 2016 when he won and Biden has one foot in the dementia ward. 
Yet several leftwing people and a hand full of never trump ex-republicans. The fact that the never trumper are wiling to work with Hillary, Podesta and the New York Times people tells us that they were always closet leftists planted into the Republican party to get information out. 
The Transition Integrity Project war gamed out the the election with Podesta playing Biden and a never trump ex-republican playing Trump. 
There is a report here:
Wikipedia calls TIP non partisan:

Their premise is that Trump is going to cheat and trump supporters are hard line dangerous white nationalists. However most white nationalists are from the left. The Democrats left congress to form the Confederacy to defend slavery and oppose the tariffs levied on slave produced goods such as cotton. They were not free traders. The founder of the KKK was a prominent democrat. Mussolini was a union boss not a free market advocate. Hitler and the other Nazis declared themselves socialists and were strongly opposed to soviet communism only because Lenin & Trotsky were Jews. [When it was clear that Stalin, a non jew, was in charge they allied with him and then attacked when the opportunity arose and they needed his oil. There is a close linkage between the events in North Africa, the race for Cairo and the oil of Saudi peninsular and the decision to go for Russian oil when the North African war turned. Stalin would not have been invaded if he sold oil cheaply to Germany. ] 

The second flawed premise is that in a disputed election the military, Secret Service and a majority of police would intervene. These are literally calling for trumps arrest in the White House. 

Trump has over 90% support from all three defense and law agencies. Rather than sending them out to get Antifa/ BLM he is holding them back. The states and cities must resolve the problem in their parliaments and at Novembers polls. Trumps a federalist; intervening would be walking into a trap, see below.  The military would leave the politicians the sort out any election dispute. John Nagl and Paul Yingling the authors of the Defense One article appear to be burned out gulf war veterans; retired military turned school teachers. 

Are TIP too deep in the echo-chamber to see this? Are they seeing only leftist polls that show Biden magically ahead everywhere? Are they believing their own propaganda?
Or is this a set up for some thing else? If you can't win without cheating then you must protect the cheating.

My predictions are that Trump will be re-elected. Why do I believe that? None of his supporters have left the Trump train. Millions who said I did not vote for Trump but he has proved himself a conservative, prolife, a skilled diplomat, etc- etc! These people either voted libertarian or did not vote at all in 2016. They will vote for him now.

Trump has made key reforms to help African Americans. Bush and Obama failed to act on these requests. Within days of hearing that 1000's of black men still had felony convictions recorded for marrying white women 50 years after those laws were rescinded he acted. Those men have been forbidden poll access for 50 years. They will vote for Trump this year, so will their children and grand children. That's half a million people gained with one executive order. 

He also did prison reform, a third rail for most politicians but Trump is a businessman. Thousands given life in prison for minor crimes, almost all black, are now reviewed and freed. They and their families will vote for Trump. Trump also found out about the administration trick that was keeping black officers out of the highest ranks of the military and shut that down. (The universities that they attended did not count towards promotion but white only universities, 1970's -1980's, did. ) He has more african American general staff that any other president. They and their families will vote for him.      

If just 16 % of the black vote shifts to the Republicans in some districts that go from safe democrat to safe Republican. Trump has shifted 20 - 30%. BLM burning down predominant black neighborhoods is shifting another 3 - 15 %. This may not go to Trump but they will definitely not go to Biden. Some in the left know this and are shouting stop stop but that just gets their car burned. The Democrat party is staring oblivion in the face. They can't win in the polls so must turn the streets into a battle field. 

But it gets worse: They are hemorrhaging white votes too. 
The Antifa annd BLM riots are also damaging the DNC. It was started in the hope that Trump would order a massacre and face real crimes as a consequence. Trump and his people are not easily provoked. the wont take the bait.
Trump pretends to be easily provoked, attacking foes and even friends but that's an act. [It throws the left so off balance that they fail to even read the legislation they are voting on. The attacks on friends like Jeff Sessions get the left to either defend sessions and drop plans to impeach Sessions. When Jeff Sessions ran for  the Alabama senate seat trump attacked him again.  The result was no one on the left attacked Tommy Tuberville. Sessions was a decoy.] 

With the attempt to trick Trump into an urban war crime failing the DNC quietly (and then publicly) tied to call off the BLM wolves. However they don't have the power to do that properly too. Antifa/ BLM is not a tightly controlled arm of the Democrat National Committee (DNC); its anarchists, rival communists, brainwashed greenhouse kids, thieves and worse. Its turning on the very idea of government, law, christian morality, history itself. The DNC  and its state government agents may have stared this fire. Soros may have funded it at first but its out of control. Like the Nestle boycott or BDS Israel campaign its easy to start but no one has the authority to stop it and declare either victory or defeat. 

The BLM riots are not burning down Republican strongholds. They shoot back as some discovered fatally. Just like the Pollsters, BLM can't seem to find Trump supporters on the map. They are burning democrat districts. The result is life long Democrat votes standing in front of charred rubble saying they will never vote democrat again. The result is left-wing radio call in shows getting overwhelmed with hundreds of pro-Trump blue collar callers. 

So whats TIP really up too? 
At the polls in November the Department Homeland Security and hundreds of election watch dog organisations will be monitoring the count. Congress tasked DHS with stopping foreign interference but the training includes looking for all forms of fraud. Its very hard for homeland Security to differentiate between foreign interference and local vote fraud. Leftist agents, all low level government staff, will be caught red handed. There will be fist fights inside the counting rooms and the leftist there are not trained for battle, Homeland Security and many election watch dog organisations are. 

TIP and the other articles above are about rallying the mob to take over the polling places and prevent a complete count by the end of November. Why do it in public? Because Trump has intelligence people monitoring and shutting down the back channels the left leadership normally use. One major back channel was the union peak body sites but so many unionists have gone over to Trump because his trade policy works, that the union tools are now stripped away from the DNC and its allies. Other back channels have been tried; twitter, X-box game chat, play station game chat, the Chinese app tic tok, even ham radio. Trumps people have found and shut down or trolled all of them. They have only the leftist media sites left to use. They have been forced to go public with the organisation of the revolution. 

I think TIP is a set up for these internal poll place battles. I think its wrong headed and doomed to fail but they are on the left, if they did common sense or cause and effect they would not be leftists. Blocking the count in November, trying to throw Trump out before the count is finished will fail. Vote destruction, etc will fail because Trumps people will have planned for it. City and state governments may run the vote but Homeland Security will be watching quietly. Hidden cameras, undercover agents, invisible ink marked ballots, will all be in play. Expect a lot of interesting televised scandals. 

The electoral collage procedures are ready for disloyal electors, state governments that send the wrong people to the electoral collage meetings. They will be disqualified and as per the rules and the correct ones will have found they're way to the waiting room outside. It will all be very public. Win, loose or draw it will put electoral reform on the table in a big way. Not the kind of reform the left want!

This Trump win will chain down ticket to Senate, House and local votes. Republicans will, I expect win big. Leftist Governors, senators, federal and state house members, mayors and attorneys general will all be gone. They may not go quietly. Where Republicans win beating leftist Democrats leftist poll counters and false electors in the electoral collage will know they are beaten and back down. Their actions can be judged by courts etc. Where the vote is wrecked there is the option to declare a vote count void for a district and order a special election. If that happens it will go Republican. The left will have used up all their ammo and lost the castle!   

A change to Republicans in governorship and mayors will mean a change in the response to BLM and Antifa. Arrests, solid charges, no bail, etc. There will be a lot of leftist police, lawyers, other government staff resigning. I'm also expecting some suicides. The chess board will be changed fast. BLM and Antifa will flee the streets. The revolution will still have a few bangs but its doomed to fail because they have lost the rest of the country.