Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Bypassing Lynch.

Has James Comey just bypassed Lynch and Obama in one fell swoop? By outlining the evidence, showing she is guilty and then saying he was not going ahead with a recommendation of a charge. He has booked himself an appointment with congress. Several congressmen have contacted him. This completely by passes the Justice department, Loretta Lynch and the whole Obama administration.

This has resulted members of the House and Senate Judiciary committee calling within minutes. Jason Chaffetz has already set up meetings.

There is no precedent for impeaching an ex government officer but by setting it up as an enquiry into the Comey statement he has created a situation where he, Comey, the other FBI staff, can speak freely in public and Hillary and her staff can be called by congress under oath.

Note this is the house committee not the Senate where it may be seen as in conflict because Ted Cruz is still in the running for Republican presidential nominee. Cruz of course has demanded all the evidence be made available to congress. This means the James Comey can't hand over originals to the Justice department. Loretta Lynch has openly said she would rather shred the files rather than prosecute her friend Hillary.

If Comey had recommended a prosecution then Lynch could have killed the case within hours or days. Well before the Democratic party convention and the election. By openly redefining the law he forces congress to act and puts the case into the highest courtroom avaliable, congress itself.

The question of intent becomes the the key subject of debate and that goes directly to the question of motivation, Hillarys, Huma Abedin, and other staff. Why was it convenient to go outside the secure systems? Why did they consistently refuse offers to secure their systems; both the servers and the blackberries? We all know the reasons that Hillary had? Freedom of information requests. An illegal reason. There may be another reason. Huma Abedin has family ties to the moslem brotherhood. Some think that the server was setup and data moved to it for the sole purpose of that data being hacked.

Lynch and Obama want the server case cleared and forgotten. This kills any chance of that happening. A congressional enquiry will be broadcast worldwide. Keeping the case alive and ensuring that in the end the congress itself can call a Grand Jury over Lynch's head. While the case is live Hillary is damaged. The left don't care, they don't know anything about classification and hate FOI except when a Republican is in the White house.

However the hard left is not enough to elect a democrat to any post they need independants. This will mean those independents will continue to stay away in droves. It means if Trump fails to seal the nomination and it's Ted Cruz in november Hillery may see millions of independents switch to him as an honest and hardworking alternative.