Thursday, February 01, 2018

Reforming global currency and debt.

Someone on YouTube predicted the final collapse of the world fiat currency system. He ruled out violent revolution. His solution:
Plan 1 Tax strike: but then you get thrown in jail.
Plan 2 Blockade congress: OK = get thrown in jail with friends.
Plan 3 call for a military mutiny against government. Err... wait how is that not violent revolution?

Some of us have a better set of plans.
1. Develop replacement currencies bitcoin and gold notes.
2. Point out to those in power that in a currency collapse their favourite shop in Brussels, New York or Washington wont be able to restock. They will starve with the rest of us.
3. Develop Assurance Contract sites [crowd funding] and debug it by crowd funding cool stuff.
4. Crowd fund those things [public goods] that government claims to do with taxes and borrowing. Thus making taxes obsolete and getting stuff done faster.
5. Authorise the creation of thousands of new debt free banks (congress just did that bit last year).

We are not finished yet but there are a lot of people in high places with bitcoin accounts just in case.