Friday, March 18, 2022

The three way war over Ukraine.

l believe people are making a mistake of seeing Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Ukraine as the same Ukraine that worked with Biden, the Clinton's, etc. It has even split pro trump people badly. 

Zelenskyy beat the Globalists candidates in an election. In the 2019 he got 73 % of the vote in the second round beating Poroshenko. In the first round he had beaten Poroshenko and Tymoshenko while also beating both the neo-Nazi and hard line communists. None of the globalists got more than 30%. Neither the hard right and hard left got more than 2%. Zelenskyy played the president in a comedy and in that show he was an anticorruption candidate. The show was called "Servant of the people" and his party going into the election had the same name. They tested the policy platform in a TV show before running a real campaign. The TV show is on netflicks. 

Yes some of the oligarchs invested in Zelenskyy's TV company and it used foreign banking. That by itself is not corruption. Only the left sees corruption in tax minimization. Corrupt oligarchs must have some real investments to hide their corruption and Zelenskyy's company was genuinely profitable. It can be said that investing in Zelenskyy's company may have been the only legal thing they did. 

After getting elected Zelenskyy sacked the remaining neo-Nazi hardliners in the parliament positions and the government and cleared out many corrupt officials and military. These reforms went unreported in the west. 

There are Neo-Nazis in Ukraine but they never supported Zelenskyy or were supported by him. Others are accused of being neo-Nazis by Russia on Spurious grounds. In some cases the only real Nazi connections some of these people had was the fact that family members had fled to Germany from Stalin in the 1930's or that they had west German educations in the 1980's. Remember Russians of Putin's generation were taught that WW2 ended with the German Nazis and the Americans allied against the Soviets. They see the surrender of Nazi Germany as Fake.

Since 2019 Zelenskyy has done several conspicuous things. Supported Trump in his battle with the corrupt actors in congress. Including releasing an otherwise confidential phone conversation. Clearing out and in some cases prosecuting the Ukrainian oligarchs that are associated with Biden, The EU Globalists, George Soros, etc. Though he has done this legally though the courts and some of the corrupt players have won in court. This is identical to Trump in some respects. Zelenskyy's mean tweets are funnier. 

At the same time Putin was making threats and putting troops on the border. I did not think Putin would invade. He had the wrong troop mix and assets. However Putin did invade and its been a disaster for Putin precisely because he had the wrong forces, poor gear, corruption  and inadequate training etc. Putin either did not care or was never told. Russian corruption meant that money for preparation and vehicle maintenance went into the pockets of the generals and others. 

Tired vehicles need to be moved or maintained regularly to prevent the tires degrading. It is evident this was not done. Some of the tires also came from China where cutting corners is now a communalist party tradition. The tires perished and blew when the tire pressure was lowered to cross soft ground. Russia's key advantage in WW2 was that it could operate in the mud and snow on the wide steps. the Ukrainians had the same vehicles and armour but they maintained the machines and were using tires from eastern Europe. They have maintained their cross country mobility. The Russians are stuck on the roads strung out and easy to ambush while the Ukrainians can cross the fields moving generally only at night with western night vision. As a result almost no area of the front is unreachable for the Ukrainians and they can strike in areas Moscow has marked on the map as theirs.  

The Russians made a second key mistake. Most western countries do not use reactive armour. This is an armour system that uses explosives to Disrupt a shaped charge round. however this means your tanks are coated with little flat bombs that can detonate without warning in a battle. As a consequence its unsafe for Russian troops to give the armored vehicle any close cover or use an armored vehicle or tank as cover to advance on a position. Watch old WW2 or Gulf war videos and you see that moving in close formation with the Tanks, AFV's and APC's is essential. Fearing their own reactive armour Russian conscripts can't even debus, leave the APC, while its under fire. 

Seeing Putin's build up, and with less corruption, Zelenskyy prepared his country for war. They built hidden arsenals across the country side. He appears to have bought and built decoys for aircraft, armour, radars and antiaircraft assets. Thus on the first day Russia destroyed a huge percentage of Ukraine's forces without effect. In some places Ukraine lost more air assets than they had. Yet it was all back and active days later! That tells us the Russians were hitting decoys not the real thing. The real assets were already disbursed to road based runways and hidden airbases. This is something Switzerland, Sweden and Finland all do. Its not something NATO does well though they have tried. For Scandinavia its the first strategy. For NATO, and Russia its a back up strategy.      

Kyiv prepared for guerilla warfare before the Russians crossed the border. Ukraine's army melted away in the first days. In some places the Ukrainian border forces itself were illusions. They also have engineered one of the worlds biggest civilian evacuations in human history. It may have looked chaotic and haphazard but you do not move 3 million people in three weeks without a plan. 

Donald Trump will have known what reforms Zelenskyy made and Trumps sarcastic remarks at CPAC as Russia invaded were probably because he saw the trap Putin was walking into. Pompeo made similar sarcastic remarks the same day. Trump knows what weapons, technology, intelligence and codes he already passed to Kyiv. Biden has to ask and Washington may not trust anyone in Biden's White House to drop hints. What you don't know, you can't sabotage. Still Trump and Pompeo's sarcasm was dangerous because the left can't grasp sarcasm and many in Maga are confused. 

Now Ukraine is getting reinforced with volunteers from around the world. Train loads of weapons are arriving. These will back fill western Ukraine freeing trained Ukrainian forces to move on the Russians in several places. Many of these members of the Ukrainian Foreign Legion will never see or fight a Russian. They will be guarding facility, armory's, manning checkpoints, and guarding prisoners. Many will be doing boring convoy duty. Watch they will start complaining next week at how boring the war is.  
People see the world as two sides in a fight. However we must must learn to see how the world has multiple bad forces. It's a three way fight globally. Four if you count Islam but for now I wont. 

  • Woke western Fabian Socialism of George Soros and Klaus Schwab. These are the globalists: Clintons, Epstein and his pedophile friends. In Ukraine it was Poroshenko and Tymoshenko. Antigod; anti-Christian; soft on sex crimes, particularly pedophilia because it has become a religions rite to them. These are the people Q pointed out on 4Chan. 

  • The Autocrats: Putin, Xi, Maduro, Castro, Assad, Iran, a few others, These want to re-establish the glory of the socialist soviet block (or socialist Islam) though without the problems of socialism. They don't grasp what those problems were and why they happen. In Ukraine none of these socialists got more than 1% and the pro-Russian "Party of the Regions" did not even run in 2019. They will use religion where it suits them or persecute it where it grows bigger than the party.

  • Civic Nationalists: Trump, Zelenskyy, Brexit, Patriots, the freedom caucus in the US congress, the 'drys' in the Australian parliament. They are all about constitutional small government where possible. Free market but not free trade with dictatorships. Liberty with responsibility but not immoral anarchy. God and the Bible (with some new age cults confusing things). The reality's of biology that LGBTQ reject. 

    Putin in the 1990's and early 2000's was very woke and had been pulled deep into the globalist faction. His Russia was the fist to allow homosexual adoption. This ended when one of the boys adopted out to the very first homosexual couple showed up on a porn site giving his adoptive fathers sexual favors. Putin had shaken the hands of those two men. The child was rescued and the men went to jail but when Russia enquired after the other few hundred children adopted out. They had gone to people that the free worlds adoption agencies shunned for good reason. Hundreds of these Russian baby's are still missing presumed raped to death. Putin probably does not care about the kids. What drives him is that the woke globalists tricked him into looking very bad. Putin thus came down hard on the LGBTQ organizations in Russia and used it as a metaphor in his speeches attacking Europe and the West. 

    At that point he had two choices: Remember that the western and orthodox churches had warned him publicly about LGBTQxyz adoption and turn to them. He toyed with that option but could not give up his corrupt wealth and power. Putin instead chose revenge but he has another problem common to many today. He can't see the difference between the West and the globalists. He can't see the difference civic nationalism and racial nationalism. He can't see the difference between free market capitalism and his own kleptocratic autocracy. He can't see that its a three way war.      

In the chart above I give the factions. It marks US and Ukrainian leaders. I'm an Australian so I've included Australian politicians on it. Some recent Australian labour politicians have been left out because that have been so ambiguous and wishy washy that they can't be places anywhere coherently. The same is true for Britain, except for Nigel Frange. Google the names to see how few allies Putin has. Do the same for Soros.   

If we see its a three way war we can see how to support Ukrainian nationalism without supporting Klaus Schwab's world economic forum. We can discern between NATO and the EU. We can see how heavily armed neutrality may eventually be Ukraine's future. we can see how Putin might fall without the globalist's winning. As the Joke goes. If Ukraine wins this war NATO may apply for membership in the Ukrainian Foreign Legion. We may even see a civic nationalist Russia, free for real this time. 

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Retaking Afghanistan with afghans.

Trump had a plan and Biden canceled it and botched it.

However parts of that plan may have been implemented. We now know that 80-95% of the air worthy aircraft was flown out of the country. And

So were the pilots and some of their family's. Those assets are still serving the Afghanistan vice President, now declared interim President, Amrullah Saleh and fighting back from the Panjshir valley. None of the Taliban air craft have been seen flying. One Taliban black hawk has been seen taxiing. There are reports that one crashed on attempted takeoff. They may all be sabotaged. 

Panjshir valley is the Northern alliance stronghold that never fell to the Taliban and never fell to the Soviets before that. The Northern Alliance defeated the Soviets and a previous Taliban government in Kabul. After that victory the Northern Alliance (NA) was expected to become the government with Ahmad Shah Massoud president however he was assassinated by an Al Qaeda film crew from Morocco. The bomb was in the camera. The NA wanted to kill the captured Taliban the US and UN prevented them taking the Taliban leaders to Guantanamo bay and afterwards releasing them in breach of the deal. The Panjshir valley is rich, its emerald mines date back to the Roman era and still yield 30% of the worlds emeralds. There are also huge stockpiles of weapons, vehicles and resources in those mines. Its military leader is Ahmud Massuod the son of Ahmud Shah Massoud. The son is trained at Sandhurst military academy in England.  

It also seems that the trusted half of the afghan army did not defect or flee but fell back to defensible positions in the mountains and then linked up with Saleh's Panjshir Resistance. Some used the ruse of waving Taliban flags to confuse and get through Taliban checkpoints. 

Army forces evacuating from the northern border states united with local police and militia to retaken Andarab in Baghlan province. They never had a Taliban presence in Sar-e Pol and Panjshir provinces. As forces moved to the entrance of the Panjshir valley their numbers became apparent and so they moved instead to take the northern half of Charikar, Parwan, Kapisa Provinces. The Bagram airbase is in Parwan Province. They have not tried to take Bagram though NATO still had a presence there at the time, three days ago. NATO may still have a presence at Bagram now. 

North of the border in Uzbekistan Abdul Rashid Dostum, who served on both sides of the soviet- afghan war and still has a personal army of 10000, is threatening to retake Kunduz and Balkh provinces. He has not yet crossed the border, as far as I know, but this forces the Taliban to hold thousands of troops at the northern borders with Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The Taliban was estimate to have had 99000 in 2016, and is now at 75000. Trump killed 24000! With 5000 known to be in Kabul province, 1000+ already dead in these retaken provinces and attacking the Panjshir Resistance in northern Parwan & Charikar.  

The Taliban must be spread wafer thin in the southern provinces. Local police and militia may already out number them. If an another attack on the Panjshir Resistance forces is launched from Kabul then that may mean the Taliban in Kabul is reduced to a number that matches the number of US troops at the airport. Retaking Kabul with the US forces already there may be an option. Biden would never try but Trump might and as election fraud evidence mounts the possibility exists for either or both congress and states to swear in Trump.  

So the Taliban may have none of the technology everyone thought it captured last week. 

If my estimates are right the 15000 strong Panjshir Resistance in Parwan, not counting Dostum's force, now matches the Taliban in Kabul and its immediate north. The Panjshir Resistance has some air support; the Taliban does not. US drones still fly in the region. Without US support the Panjshir Resistance may retake the country in a week. That may be the perfect solution. An afghan solution. The subsequent governments would be Tajik for a decade not Pashtun. That may have been part of the Trump plan all along. 

At the moment no-one but Indian equivalent of fox news is talking about it. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

To dodge a civil war Trump must win

 The USA is fast heading for a civil war scenario. If Biden/ Harris wins Antifa, BLM and whoever they appoint to the DOJ will go after Trump, trump team people and trump supporters. Thousands of conservative lobby groups would be quickly targeted. Various government agencies will go after the conservative media new and old. Parler, Breitbart News, Rumble, Fox news, even this site would be targeted. Facebook, Google & twitter censors would rule the world. China would demand that Epoch Times be shut down. The Chinese dissidents in the New Chinese Federation would be hunted down, perhaps, with US DOJ assistance.

A Biden win also consolidates the ballot fraud and it would become the new normal as it is in Russia and a few other countries. No Republican or libertarian would stand a chance again.

All the evidence of crimes would be deleted: Clinton, Biden, Epstein, Antifa, voter fraud etc would be gone. To make that work they need to fire and silence over 1000 FBI and DOJ people that have been working the cases. I do not think Wray or Barr are blocking cases. I think Obama era staff encrypted millions of files and deleted the passwords. The DOJ and FBI are shut out of their own case files. They have said this in court. They are having to hack their own department servers. No one can legally confirm that; it would trigger a collapse of police cooperation nationwide / worldwide. They are probably building a whole new system.

When all these people are attacked it will trigger a fight. Maga people would defend themselves they have lots of guns and in some cases armed ex army bodyguards. Pro trump states would deploy the national guard against Biden appointees. Texas already deployed its state troopers against the Bureau of Land Management in the Obama era. Obama and that BLM backed down. Unlike Obama, Biden or more likely President Harris will not slowly build up. He/ she will not have the stealth advantage Obama had. Too many on the Maga right have seen it all before. Trust is gone. 

It would be a shooting match. Trump has 90% military's support in the lower ranks. However 20-40% of the military brass will back the White House regardless of who is in the Presidency. If Biden gets sworn in the US military with all its power splits. If Trump wins the military stays united with only a few disgruntled officers retiring.

The Supreme Court will probably see this. As the court cases move to them these implications will be mentioned, perhaps not in clear affidavits. A civil war would probably be fought in the nice cozy suburbs they live in near Washington. The last one was.

Likewise the state legislators will see it too. Biden means vote rigging and they loose at the next state election. Antifa will come after them no matter what they do. If they betray the Republican party by sending a Biden Electoral Collage group in then they will be attacked by maga on the right as well as antifa. They will get caucused by maga candidates. They would also see that, if it comes to a battle; these battle ground states will become real battle grounds.

I would expect we will see them continue to refuse to certify the votes in several states and send either a pro-trump Electoral Collage team or simply a declaration of a failed election. Then it goes to a House vote with each state having one vote. There are some divided states but Trump has the majority of states.

The left will scream and shout and burn down their own cities yet again. Armed semi-official road blocks will keep them out of conservative districts. As I said in my pre election post the police that are mostly pro trump will be emboldened to make a stand and deal with antifa and BLM. Biden and Harris will rant and rave too but that's normal. The left will call Trump illegitimate. So what! They will always say that. Trump doesn't care, that's his greatest power. China and Iran will call him illegitimated but deep down they will fear and respect his strength of resolve. Neither nation might survive his second term.

In Trump's second term he is free to do reforms that even Gary North and Ron Paul can't see how to do. Trump is a gold advocate. A debt reform advocate and a banking reform advocate. Yes that also requires a reform of social security. Something only an "illegitimated" president could attempt. How do you do there reforms without granny dying? That's the bigger challenge than dodging a civil war, or if necessary, wining one at great cost.

Thursday, October 08, 2020

US election prediction 2020

 Looking at various sources this is my prediction for the US election.  

I have people I follow in social media who think California will go red; Republican. Proximity to the New York disaster, Cuomo and De Blasio, will flip not just New York but also New Jersey.  Trumps work with the black vote will yield results in Baltimore flipping Maryland red. Heads will explode and CNN and MSMNBC. I think the split states will remain split.  

My Californian friends are seeing safe Democrat district go Republican in special elections. They are seeing no Biden signs in districts that should have them. They are seeing Trump signs everywhere. There is wide spread protests at Gavin Newsome's rules. 

In the rust belt near the great lakes, we are seeing unions that once formed the backbone of the Democrat ground game now supporting or even working for Trump. Biden yard signs are not selling. Local and school board elections are going conservative. People are switching their voter affiliation from Democrat or independent to Republican so fast the system is over whelmed [or is using red tape to slow the process down,] Where the riots have resulted in burned businesses people are saying in public, to leftwing media, that they will never vote Democrat party again.  

Nation wide people are working from home. This has three undiscussed effects. The house wife is probably not watching the generally left wing women on the cable channels. Dads home and wants the sports on while he works. Secondly the kids are at home and parents are discovering how bad public schooling really is, that's shifting people. Millions are away from the politics of the workplace water cooler or tea room. Workplace peer pressure is reduced. That may free up many middle voters to look at Trumps successes. This may have a big impact in silicon valley. 

Additionally peoples saving rates are going up spectacularly which means they are more future oriented. People who are future oriented don't vote the policies of the past. They certainly don't vote for politicians that promise to tax their future gains. 

The left is also relying on radical minority groups like the LGBT lobby; witches for Hillary; "moderate" moslems; the wall street left; however these groups inflate their numbers to get political support. If the left is believing those numbers they can be caught out badly as they fail to show up on voting day.   

I do not think we will see Antifa or BLM voting Democrat we have seen too many cases of them rounding on the democrat leader that try's to pander to them. We've seen the graffiti Democrat members houses and even assault democrat leaders trying to control them. The political left has lost control of the radical left. Any fool can shout charge but shouting cease fire is much harder in a fight. 

I suspect the Trump victory margin will be too large for post election day postal vote manipulations. Voter fraud is generally often polling staff fraud. Knowing they can't pull back 211 votes with that tool, many electoral staff will refuse to work with voter fraud projects and some will go whistleblower leading to charges for DNC campaign staff.

The Republican victory will chain down ballot replacing some democrat House, Senate, governors and state assemblies. Any plans to get states to make electoral collage vote to go contrary to the state vote will fail. Any dreams of the House or Senate making the decision will be dead. the new more conservative members at the state and local level will vote it down. 

The end result is Trump winning both the electoral collage vote and the national popular vote. There will be massive protests in the streets but the politicians that back the rioters will be gone or shell shocked. We can not rule out the possibility that he will get all 538 electoral collage votes as even shamed and fed up deep blue states go red thinking its safe to do so because "the poles say Biden's in the lead".

Police will be empowered to act against the rioters and their leadership. I would not be surprised if politicians joining the riots get arrested and charged. Trump's 100% support from police entities means they are ready to act in enforcing the law and will have planned for events. That does not mean the left will not be rounded up without cause. 

I am expecting a complete melt down in the leftwing media. I would expect the black vote change will trigger some leftist to reveal their innate racism on air. Swearing ay the black vote. On the ground there will be leftist black attacks on anyone that they think voted Republican. That will flip the rest of the nations black community in 2022. 

I am also expecting a big spate of suicides with at least one media figure suiciding on air or just off camera. There will also be lots of failed attempts, suicide by car, dangerous and drunk driving. We will see dozens of on camera media resignations. Some will flee the country. 

In short I am expecting Biden /Harris to get less than 100 electoral collage votes and Trump /Pence to be clear winners on the night with a margin that exceeds any reasonable postal vote or voter fraud.  

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Never telegraph the revolution.

 Several people on the left in the USA have been calling for the military to march Trump out of office when he looses in November. Besides the fact that it would be illegal, there is the simple fact that he will win. Trump is polling better than 2016 when he won and Biden has one foot in the dementia ward. 
Yet several leftwing people and a hand full of never trump ex-republicans. The fact that the never trumper are wiling to work with Hillary, Podesta and the New York Times people tells us that they were always closet leftists planted into the Republican party to get information out. 
The Transition Integrity Project war gamed out the the election with Podesta playing Biden and a never trump ex-republican playing Trump. 
There is a report here:
Wikipedia calls TIP non partisan:

Their premise is that Trump is going to cheat and trump supporters are hard line dangerous white nationalists. However most white nationalists are from the left. The Democrats left congress to form the Confederacy to defend slavery and oppose the tariffs levied on slave produced goods such as cotton. They were not free traders. The founder of the KKK was a prominent democrat. Mussolini was a union boss not a free market advocate. Hitler and the other Nazis declared themselves socialists and were strongly opposed to soviet communism only because Lenin & Trotsky were Jews. [When it was clear that Stalin, a non jew, was in charge they allied with him and then attacked when the opportunity arose and they needed his oil. There is a close linkage between the events in North Africa, the race for Cairo and the oil of Saudi peninsular and the decision to go for Russian oil when the North African war turned. Stalin would not have been invaded if he sold oil cheaply to Germany. ] 

The second flawed premise is that in a disputed election the military, Secret Service and a majority of police would intervene. These are literally calling for trumps arrest in the White House. 

Trump has over 90% support from all three defense and law agencies. Rather than sending them out to get Antifa/ BLM he is holding them back. The states and cities must resolve the problem in their parliaments and at Novembers polls. Trumps a federalist; intervening would be walking into a trap, see below.  The military would leave the politicians the sort out any election dispute. John Nagl and Paul Yingling the authors of the Defense One article appear to be burned out gulf war veterans; retired military turned school teachers. 

Are TIP too deep in the echo-chamber to see this? Are they seeing only leftist polls that show Biden magically ahead everywhere? Are they believing their own propaganda?
Or is this a set up for some thing else? If you can't win without cheating then you must protect the cheating.

My predictions are that Trump will be re-elected. Why do I believe that? None of his supporters have left the Trump train. Millions who said I did not vote for Trump but he has proved himself a conservative, prolife, a skilled diplomat, etc- etc! These people either voted libertarian or did not vote at all in 2016. They will vote for him now.

Trump has made key reforms to help African Americans. Bush and Obama failed to act on these requests. Within days of hearing that 1000's of black men still had felony convictions recorded for marrying white women 50 years after those laws were rescinded he acted. Those men have been forbidden poll access for 50 years. They will vote for Trump this year, so will their children and grand children. That's half a million people gained with one executive order. 

He also did prison reform, a third rail for most politicians but Trump is a businessman. Thousands given life in prison for minor crimes, almost all black, are now reviewed and freed. They and their families will vote for Trump. Trump also found out about the administration trick that was keeping black officers out of the highest ranks of the military and shut that down. (The universities that they attended did not count towards promotion but white only universities, 1970's -1980's, did. ) He has more african American general staff that any other president. They and their families will vote for him.      

If just 16 % of the black vote shifts to the Republicans in some districts that go from safe democrat to safe Republican. Trump has shifted 20 - 30%. BLM burning down predominant black neighborhoods is shifting another 3 - 15 %. This may not go to Trump but they will definitely not go to Biden. Some in the left know this and are shouting stop stop but that just gets their car burned. The Democrat party is staring oblivion in the face. They can't win in the polls so must turn the streets into a battle field. 

But it gets worse: They are hemorrhaging white votes too. 
The Antifa annd BLM riots are also damaging the DNC. It was started in the hope that Trump would order a massacre and face real crimes as a consequence. Trump and his people are not easily provoked. the wont take the bait.
Trump pretends to be easily provoked, attacking foes and even friends but that's an act. [It throws the left so off balance that they fail to even read the legislation they are voting on. The attacks on friends like Jeff Sessions get the left to either defend sessions and drop plans to impeach Sessions. When Jeff Sessions ran for  the Alabama senate seat trump attacked him again.  The result was no one on the left attacked Tommy Tuberville. Sessions was a decoy.] 

With the attempt to trick Trump into an urban war crime failing the DNC quietly (and then publicly) tied to call off the BLM wolves. However they don't have the power to do that properly too. Antifa/ BLM is not a tightly controlled arm of the Democrat National Committee (DNC); its anarchists, rival communists, brainwashed greenhouse kids, thieves and worse. Its turning on the very idea of government, law, christian morality, history itself. The DNC  and its state government agents may have stared this fire. Soros may have funded it at first but its out of control. Like the Nestle boycott or BDS Israel campaign its easy to start but no one has the authority to stop it and declare either victory or defeat. 

The BLM riots are not burning down Republican strongholds. They shoot back as some discovered fatally. Just like the Pollsters, BLM can't seem to find Trump supporters on the map. They are burning democrat districts. The result is life long Democrat votes standing in front of charred rubble saying they will never vote democrat again. The result is left-wing radio call in shows getting overwhelmed with hundreds of pro-Trump blue collar callers. 

So whats TIP really up too? 
At the polls in November the Department Homeland Security and hundreds of election watch dog organisations will be monitoring the count. Congress tasked DHS with stopping foreign interference but the training includes looking for all forms of fraud. Its very hard for homeland Security to differentiate between foreign interference and local vote fraud. Leftist agents, all low level government staff, will be caught red handed. There will be fist fights inside the counting rooms and the leftist there are not trained for battle, Homeland Security and many election watch dog organisations are. 

TIP and the other articles above are about rallying the mob to take over the polling places and prevent a complete count by the end of November. Why do it in public? Because Trump has intelligence people monitoring and shutting down the back channels the left leadership normally use. One major back channel was the union peak body sites but so many unionists have gone over to Trump because his trade policy works, that the union tools are now stripped away from the DNC and its allies. Other back channels have been tried; twitter, X-box game chat, play station game chat, the Chinese app tic tok, even ham radio. Trumps people have found and shut down or trolled all of them. They have only the leftist media sites left to use. They have been forced to go public with the organisation of the revolution. 

I think TIP is a set up for these internal poll place battles. I think its wrong headed and doomed to fail but they are on the left, if they did common sense or cause and effect they would not be leftists. Blocking the count in November, trying to throw Trump out before the count is finished will fail. Vote destruction, etc will fail because Trumps people will have planned for it. City and state governments may run the vote but Homeland Security will be watching quietly. Hidden cameras, undercover agents, invisible ink marked ballots, will all be in play. Expect a lot of interesting televised scandals. 

The electoral collage procedures are ready for disloyal electors, state governments that send the wrong people to the electoral collage meetings. They will be disqualified and as per the rules and the correct ones will have found they're way to the waiting room outside. It will all be very public. Win, loose or draw it will put electoral reform on the table in a big way. Not the kind of reform the left want!

This Trump win will chain down ticket to Senate, House and local votes. Republicans will, I expect win big. Leftist Governors, senators, federal and state house members, mayors and attorneys general will all be gone. They may not go quietly. Where Republicans win beating leftist Democrats leftist poll counters and false electors in the electoral collage will know they are beaten and back down. Their actions can be judged by courts etc. Where the vote is wrecked there is the option to declare a vote count void for a district and order a special election. If that happens it will go Republican. The left will have used up all their ammo and lost the castle!   

A change to Republicans in governorship and mayors will mean a change in the response to BLM and Antifa. Arrests, solid charges, no bail, etc. There will be a lot of leftist police, lawyers, other government staff resigning. I'm also expecting some suicides. The chess board will be changed fast. BLM and Antifa will flee the streets. The revolution will still have a few bangs but its doomed to fail because they have lost the rest of the country. 

Friday, June 05, 2020

New Federal State of China

Mr Miles Guo, Steven K Bannon and others have launched a process to replace the communist Regime in China with a New Federal State of China. I’ve been expecting this, it came June 4. This is a necessary part of the process of removing and replacing the communist with a viable federation. Most of the people involved will be in China so can’t go public.
The declaration is here:

There is also a video of Bannon reading it in English below. Miles Guo’s English is not good enough.
Link is If you have problems.

I have read the document and it hits all the points needed. In order to defeat the communists you need to define its replacement. The communists hold power with the boogeyman of the war lord chaos of the 1900 – 1920’s period. China needs a western style federal republic with the rule of law and limited government. This defines these parameters.

I have posted on Facebook youtube videos from most of the main participants. Kyle Bass is the second westerner mentioned he is a financier and hedge fund manager and one of the people warning about the communist parties manipulations and financial lies. So the project has money behind it.

I suspect this has Trump’s full supports and the participants probably have both US intelligence support and protection and the protection of people like Erik Prince. Bannon could not do this if he was still in the White House. Trump does not fire people he redeploys them.

Miles Guo.

Here is another short video.

I am not expecting the Chinese dictatorship to last long. It has alienated all of its allies, suppliers and trade partners; 60+ countries.
This may look like a small start but there are a lot of Chinese involved who can’t go public at this time. In 1776 only a few of the American revolutionaries were public.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Power damage NSW fires.

Power outage after the fire in New South Wales. In a heroic effort they got the power back in 3 to 4 days. All local power infrastructure was out side town was destroyed. 05 Jan 2020.
That's Bateman's Bay on the coast where I grew up and fought fires as a kid. My brother and parents are there and OK. Buildings at the end of the street 300 meters away burned.