Sunday, November 04, 2018

Q anon's intermittent silence.

Why does Q on the Q anon forum (on 8 chan) stop posting for a few weeks. People aware of Q tend to worry. There was a two week hiatus at the end of last month. It ended at the beginning of November. Q posted half dozen posts.
Q posts now serve Four functions.
1. Rally the crowd; if twitter and Fox News is doing it OK Q goes quiet.
2. Diplomacy. If delicate negotiations are happening, Q goes quiet. All foreign minister's are watching Q.
3. Error. If the Q board gets off track, Q comes up to get them back on track.
4. Fake Q. If false statements about Q are made, Q posts to debunk them.  Q [and Trump] are being sued by someone this week on spurious grounds. So HE responded.

Q had a 5th function: intelligence communications while they were fighting for control of the three letter agencies: FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, a few others. They are now secured so that function is over. However when Trump came into office members of the Obama administration were still very much in control. The command and control structure still had people that were willing to act for Brennan, McCabe, Clinton, etc. They still had security clearances and probably passwords.
When a command structure is compromised you have to go outside the structure and contact people by other means. The chain of command is useless. You don't know who it on your side; you're only guessing. A lot of people got a weekend knock on the door from people Trump, and they, could trust. The Q site had a function contacting some that could not be found in suburban Virginia or Maryland.

So silence from Q does not indicate a problem it just means that things are on track.