Thursday, November 19, 2020

To dodge a civil war Trump must win

 The USA is fast heading for a civil war scenario. If Biden/ Harris wins Antifa, BLM and whoever they appoint to the DOJ will go after Trump, trump team people and trump supporters. Thousands of conservative lobby groups would be quickly targeted. Various government agencies will go after the conservative media new and old. Parler, Breitbart News, Rumble, Fox news, even this site would be targeted. Facebook, Google & twitter censors would rule the world. China would demand that Epoch Times be shut down. The Chinese dissidents in the New Chinese Federation would be hunted down, perhaps, with US DOJ assistance.

A Biden win also consolidates the ballot fraud and it would become the new normal as it is in Russia and a few other countries. No Republican or libertarian would stand a chance again.

All the evidence of crimes would be deleted: Clinton, Biden, Epstein, Antifa, voter fraud etc would be gone. To make that work they need to fire and silence over 1000 FBI and DOJ people that have been working the cases. I do not think Wray or Barr are blocking cases. I think Obama era staff encrypted millions of files and deleted the passwords. The DOJ and FBI are shut out of their own case files. They have said this in court. They are having to hack their own department servers. No one can legally confirm that; it would trigger a collapse of police cooperation nationwide / worldwide. They are probably building a whole new system.

When all these people are attacked it will trigger a fight. Maga people would defend themselves they have lots of guns and in some cases armed ex army bodyguards. Pro trump states would deploy the national guard against Biden appointees. Texas already deployed its state troopers against the Bureau of Land Management in the Obama era. Obama and that BLM backed down. Unlike Obama, Biden or more likely President Harris will not slowly build up. He/ she will not have the stealth advantage Obama had. Too many on the Maga right have seen it all before. Trust is gone. 

It would be a shooting match. Trump has 90% military's support in the lower ranks. However 20-40% of the military brass will back the White House regardless of who is in the Presidency. If Biden gets sworn in the US military with all its power splits. If Trump wins the military stays united with only a few disgruntled officers retiring.

The Supreme Court will probably see this. As the court cases move to them these implications will be mentioned, perhaps not in clear affidavits. A civil war would probably be fought in the nice cozy suburbs they live in near Washington. The last one was.

Likewise the state legislators will see it too. Biden means vote rigging and they loose at the next state election. Antifa will come after them no matter what they do. If they betray the Republican party by sending a Biden Electoral Collage group in then they will be attacked by maga on the right as well as antifa. They will get caucused by maga candidates. They would also see that, if it comes to a battle; these battle ground states will become real battle grounds.

I would expect we will see them continue to refuse to certify the votes in several states and send either a pro-trump Electoral Collage team or simply a declaration of a failed election. Then it goes to a House vote with each state having one vote. There are some divided states but Trump has the majority of states.

The left will scream and shout and burn down their own cities yet again. Armed semi-official road blocks will keep them out of conservative districts. As I said in my pre election post the police that are mostly pro trump will be emboldened to make a stand and deal with antifa and BLM. Biden and Harris will rant and rave too but that's normal. The left will call Trump illegitimate. So what! They will always say that. Trump doesn't care, that's his greatest power. China and Iran will call him illegitimated but deep down they will fear and respect his strength of resolve. Neither nation might survive his second term.

In Trump's second term he is free to do reforms that even Gary North and Ron Paul can't see how to do. Trump is a gold advocate. A debt reform advocate and a banking reform advocate. Yes that also requires a reform of social security. Something only an "illegitimated" president could attempt. How do you do there reforms without granny dying? That's the bigger challenge than dodging a civil war, or if necessary, wining one at great cost.