Monday, June 16, 2008

Socialist Luddite plans for Greenhouse wont cut-it but capitalist R & D can!

The Stockholm network has come up with a set of scenarios that model global energy and greenhouse trends.
It’s discussed at green cars congress:
Devil in the Details: Three “Profoundly Disturbing” Carbon Scenarios

I'll Assume you've read it.
Ok the three Luddite socialist models so nicely described in the Stockholm report clearly don't work! So where's the real solution? The model that's missing is the one George Bush has been pushing.
"It’s the technology stupid!"
The 80 or so break through renewables per year we're seeing now all get capital, factory floors and buy up old energy technology distribution network (or get bought by them). A down turn in the rest of the world economy only serves to free up such capital, labour and factories.

We see a global deployment with biofuels at $30 a gallon and renewables and clean coal at 4.5c a kilowatt hour.
Metal air batteries, Nickel Zinc, cheap lithium and better ultra-capacitors combined with lightweight but stronger car bodies result is clean cars that go 130 km on a charge. The lighter weight can be achieved with carbon, aluminium, plastic panels with air bags in them and in the crumple zone. Some of these cars are biofuel plug-in hybrids for those that need more flexibility. The average car travel distance per day is 65 km.

These are recharged by an integrated mix of solar PV, Solar thermal, wind, wave, and run of the river hydro/currents plus waste to energy in most cities. All new car-parks are designed with charging points and many old ones are also equipped.
A massive investment in fast trains in the Midwest of the USA, Australia, China, India and Eastern Europe is done with semi-private bond financing.

Throw in a massive 5 year deployment of ‘clean energy systems Inc’ clean coal technology in ALL the coal power plants. And then turn the CO2 into man made carbonates. Mine slurry & tailings plus CO2 = building materials.
What? Who told you clean coal would take 15 years? Oh those that can't do it, that's who!

All these technologies are coming out of the labs world wide in a massive and truly amazing deployment. When you add up the capacity of each of these technologies, they can power the world three times over.

Oil, gas and dirty coal may be obsolete within 15 years and green house reversing may begin within 20. Yes I said reversing! If the carbon in biomass is fed to clean coal power plants, then turned into carbonate building materials [chalk, plaster] then we can pull the carbon out of the atmosphere as fast as we put it there.
Carbon pricing will work in some rich countries but the third world can't afford them. However all these technologies will be profitable even in the third world.

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