Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Climategate is blowing up in the IPCC's face.

Governments are stuck. The people in the climate gate emails, 'the hockey team', are facing prosecution. There are hundreds of independent legal entities, state governors, provincial assemblies, quasi-autonomous government audit agencies like the Office of the Auditor General in the USA. The heads of state don't control them. They can and will sue. Private law suits have now also been filed. Forget the greenwash hogwash, the coal and oil industry will be lawyering up and ready to sue the IPCC into extinction.

The heads of state at Copenhagen can't go forward to sign the Copenhagen agreement and risk ridicule when the court find against the hockey team. The hockey team is the 42 odd people behind all the IPCC science. Backing this losing team is not just fatal to a politicians re-election chances; this can and will destroy many political parties.

However if they don't sign the brainwashed mob inside and outside the building at Copenhagen will openly rebel and riot. A million public servants world wide will join that rebellion in vain hopes of protecting their jobs.

We are seeing the collapse of a paradigm in real time. What took years in the past is happening in weeks. When academia put Galileo under house arrest for his views his supporters waged a quiet campaign to win the world with new navigation charts. Because he was right and the academics of his day were wrong; his charts were more accurate and more useful. They won shipping merchants and crews and won the day. Yet the process took years.

Like wise the Holy Roman Empire, a synthesis of royal and catholic church power, came to a catastrophic end with the rise of French republicanism and Napoleon. French atheism was far more ruthless than Protestantism and therefore could do what the reformation would not do. However that process took several years.

[When the Berlin wall fell many in eastern Europe were surprised but they had already lost faith in communism. This will be different.]

The events of this month will be like the shattering of a religion. The very idea of government managed and funded science will be called into doubt.

Millions will be shocked awake. Some will react with violence, some with silence, withdrawing from public view forever. Some unfortunately will suicide. Not since Nagasaki have we seen an ideology, the god Emperor Hirohito, broken so fast by the power atomic bomb.

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