Sunday, August 02, 2015

Take on mars fun and games.

Take on mars airlock troubleshooting.

The take on mars is a new beta game on steam. As a mars fan I've had to play it and I'm chasing up a bug or two for the developers.

We have all built airlocks that show no leaks and seen identical to the ones in the ready build demos but don't work. Works first time for the dev's but that's game code for you.

Outside airlock door in an airlock frame.

Inside the lock both doors closed. Cycle button should work but does not. The thing on my right is the suit charger and oxygen re supplier I need that to work to stay alive. But I need a pressurised airlock to remove the suit.   

Inside the hab I have air, green icon near the handle shows that but I can't charge the suit. 

Otherwise its a really good game for an beta. I'm growing virtual potatoes on Mars,  yay.