Wednesday, July 19, 2017


A star gate ship model. 
The Udajeet. This is the single seat death glider from the movie. Very fiddly curves.

The colours are royal purple, priestly purple, sky blue, silver and black. These are place holder materials. It has no weapons because someone else has made the weapons already.

There are differences with the movie version. However there are differences within the shots. It seems that top rail is close to the hull in one shot and farther out in another. Probably green screen artefacts.

The back wing edges are not perfectly straight but you barely see that in the movie.

Do the Goa'ald even have a word for landing gear?

Inside of the cockpit. Almost steam punk controls. This is very much simplified. The modeller went mad with greebles. 

In some movie shots the model looks grey or blue so the colours show this is clearly Ra's personal Udajeet.
More progress with the udajeet. 

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