Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Main steam media in the hot seat.

Global warming has put the mainstream media in the hot seat. Obvious bias, poor knowledge of the arguments and a tendency to favour the sensational over the factual has all caught up with them.

The mainstream media still think the global warming is a right wing plot. Someone forgot to tell the communists in China. When the data came in and the emails popped up on the of 19th November they acted shutting down most chances of cap and trade, a global tax on fossil fuels.

Actually the whistle blower first posted the climategate emails on the 17th of Nov. It was ignored for two days and is still being ignored, in content and meaning, by most in the mainstream media.

How much trouble are the CRU scientists in?

Enough to be in court for years.

But will the mainstream media be behind those cameras or the new media and the blog sphere?

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