Monday, March 29, 2010

Church in second life - A messianic passover.

I've just attended a church service in Second Life.

The presentation was a messianic Passover. Messianic Jews are Jewish Christians that preach that Jesus is the messiah of the Jews with a full exposition of the gospel in Hebrew (and English in this case). They show you how the passover and other religious services in Israel pointed to and prophesied Jesus Christ and his sacrifice. The service was in a dedicated sky-box at “You are loved ministries” at EC Beach Community. (in Second Life a sky-box is a building or platform that seems way up in the sky above the clouds or in them.) This was a big sky box at an amazing height. Eternal creations owns 6 sims in second life forming the EC island.

Rivkah and Judah Sorbet gave the sermon with assistance from others. Included was a special interactive tray where selecting items did things like filling or drinking wine. Consuming the symbolic foods and breaking the bread. All these parts of the ritual have teaching function that is often lost on people practicing them because they don't see the connection to the messiah-ship of Christ.

Here are some pictures.
86 people attended.
Thats a lot for any event in a computer MMO game.
Lag was bad but everyone was so interested it did not matter.

Its as very nice building. Everything was StoneAngle Ingelwood's handy work. Even the briliant tray.

The tray on the wall showed us what to do on our tray.

We all had a tray. I'm the one in the blue black solar cell spacesuit.

We then all wandered out to the red sea (white foam in the distance). Lag was bad but not enough to deter us.
We crossed the red sea and then went to watch a movie. Rivkah gave an appeal worthy of Billy Graham. An evangelical call to unbeleivers to come and ask Jesus to take their sins away and help run their life properly. Here was then music performances and a farwell.
Some stayed afterwards to talk and thank the organisers for the great church presentation.
As someone pointed out church is people not buildings. This is even truer in second life where buildings come and go with the touch of a button.  But still great art and great teaching go together.
Thank you  everyone who made it work.
[Click on the pictires for full screen views.]

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