Thursday, August 26, 2010

The challenge of a green controlled Senate.

If Tony Abbott forms a government in Australia the greens and labor in the senate can block supply but that will cost them at the subsequent vote particularly if the liberal party is putting up all the No Regrets options from the Garnaut report and other clearly sensible options. MP Bob Katter will oppose the ETS and he seems to influence the other two country independents on that a little.

To counter the green balance of power we need someone to go "full metal climate sceptic" in the senate and get into Hansard all the sceptics arguments. 80% station wrong with a 30% effect on warming signal. That means that the detected warming is not +0.6 its +0.4. and it disapeared altogether in the mid 1990's due to changes in solar activity.

The missing M's

The fact that some old records have been adusted down to make the 21st chentury look wormer than the early 20th century.

Cloud based negative feed backs are being discovered and confirmed.
This second paper is believed to have triggered off the whistle blower at the CRU.

The fact that the system of carbon reduction scheme were so sloppy that people have been ripping the system off by making CFC's and the destroying them.

And the fact that the two climate exchanges have crashed to the floor and are laying off staff.
The floor in Chicago is 10 cents. The European markets floor is 15 EU.
No demand means even Al Gore isn't playing the market any more.

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