Monday, August 09, 2010

Could Iran kill off Palestine? The danger no-one sees.

Most people that talk about Iran's nuclear threat to Israel argue that Israel is a small country, a tiny target, one nuke would do it! This is said with fear on one side and evil intentions on the other.
However a tiny target is a tiny target. It may prove hard to hit. The Iranian missiles are not renowned to their accuracy. If the bombs to big or delicate for the missile then the attack must come by air, land or sea. Israel intercepts boats a hundred of miles off shore, It has agents and drones watching the roads to its boarder. It probably has ground routes 'bugged' with Geiger counters. I know I would. It may even have these defences forward deployed at the Jordanian border with Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The Saudis may now have such nuclear bomb detectors deployed on their own borders and ports given that Riyadh is the other most named target of Iran.

Being a small target will mean that if a missile or bomber from Iran misses long it hits Gaza or the Mediterranean. If it drops short it might hit the west bank or Amman Jordan. Miss to the north and you kill a lot of Lebanese. Miss south and you kill off the Egyptian Bedouin. Any strike near a border will kill UN personnel.
If Iran hits Israel it will kill off Palestine totally. Atomic bombs produce fall out plumes that can have a radius of 20 to 50 kilometre and persist for days.
The Zionist radicals have NBC and know how tho used them. They reportedly have Geiger counters in their cars. The moderate Zionists have radical Zionist relatives. Both will be in the bunkers within minutes. Only a few will die.

The Labor vote, the Israeli Arabs and 'peace now' Israelis have junk in their bunkers, limited NBC and at best only think they face Katyusha. They will die in their bunkers thinking they should have read the instructions earlier.

The Palestinians don't have bunkers or NBC and will die in the streets by the million or die fighting for any building they think might work as a bunker. Tens of thousands will flee into neighbouring countries.

Some in Palestine will survive. These are the hidden pro-Israel Palestinians; Arab Zionists. I suspect they have acquired good NBC from friends in the settlements. There's less than a thousand of them. A few Palestinians will survive because their deep in Israeli prison cells.

All this assumes no Israeli violence in revenge. I think that unlikely but they may be too busy to lash out.
When the fallout settles and becomes safe the Zionists will be the majority among the angry survivors and one in a hundred Palestinians will be alive to curse Iran. 'Ahmadinejad' in Iran is the most dangerous threat that Palestine faces.

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Hmmm, good thinking!
Fascinating, in a deadly sort of way.